Sunday, February 5, 2017

Canada displays unique solidarity with Muslims

In a time when US president Donald Trump is hellbent on imposing entry of Muslims from seven Muslim countries - and God knows how many more countries will be added to the banned list, Canada has come forward and his displayed a unique solidarity with the Muslims.

In a rare and moving show of strength, the Canadians of the Quebec city joined hands with their local politicians and the Canadian prime minister Trudeau to show solidarity and sympathy to the Muslims after a terrorist attack on a local mosque.

Trudeau is speech on the occasion said:

"Our country was united. It is an entire country that is joining the families of the victims.  Together, we will rise from this darkness stronger, more unified, than ever before." 

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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Seattle judge allows entry of immigrants from seven banned countries

US president Donald Trump's ban on entry of immigration from seven Muslim counties has become highly critical by even by the Americans. 

In a recent defiance incident, a judge in Seattle has temporarily blocked Trumps immigration ban and has allowed the entry of immigrants.

Within hours of the ruling the officials at the airports have told the airlines that can bring in immigrants. However, the the White House has announced that it will get a stay from the Justice Department against Seattle judge ruling.

Read more about it at:The Independent
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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Doris heading towards Britain with 70 mph winds and flooding

Hurricane, Irene, International Space Station, 2011

NASA has warned that storm Doris is heading towards Britain across the Atlantic carrying winds up to 70 mph and lots of flooding

The 800 mies wide storm may hit Britain by Friday.

The winds are likely to speed up on Thursday turning into gales up to 100 mph. A yellow warning has been sounded in Britain.

Read more about it at: Daily Mail
Photo: Pixabay
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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Roger Federer beat Nadal to win the Australian Open 2017

Oh boy what a match it was today between the two tennis giants; The seventeen times Grand Slam winner Roger Federer and fourteen times Grand Slam title holder Rafael Nadal.

As I wrote yesterday that age does not matter for some, it is true for America's Serena Williams and Swiss Roger Federer. Like Serena Williams, the same age 35-year-old Federer claimed his eighteenth Grand Slam title by beating Nadal 6-4 3-6 6-1 3-6 6-3.

But for Federer the match was not easy as Nadal, coming back to finals after years of injuries preventing him to climb up the ladder. Nadal and Federer won one set after the other and it was the fifth set in which Nadal finally gave away the title to Federer.

It was federer's fifth Australian title, which also takes him on top of the world list as for men's single titles are concerned.

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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Serena Williams wins Australian Open and sets a Open Era record of 23 titles

Who says age matters? May be for many but not for Serena Williams when it comes to winning Grand Slam titles.

And that was exactly she did today by beat her sister Venus Williams 6-4, 6-4 to win the Australian Open title for record seven times. And if that is not all - she also become the record holder of Open era period with 23 Grand Slam titles.

However, despite all the laurels earned, Australia's Margaret Court, with 24, is the only player still ahead of Serena in terms of Grand Slam singles titles, reports BBC

Read more about it at: BBC Sport
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Australian Open Grand Finale: Nadal all set to regain lost glory - meets Federer in the final

Rafael Nadal of Spain won a stunning victory to reach the  final of the on going Australian Open tennis.

Nadal beat G. Dimitrov 6-3 5-7 7-6 (7-5) 6-7 (4-7) 6-4 in a match that lasted almost five hours.
Now the test ahead of his fitness ahead is the grand finale in which he meets 35 years Swiss Roger Federer, who too is looking for a Grand Slam title to start his tennis year with another feather in his cap. 

Nadal, who is attempting to win a 15th major title, has faced Federer 34 times, winning 23 matches. This also includes the 2009 Australian title which he won while playing Federer.

Who is your favourite?

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Australian Open 2017: Nadal in his first Grand Slam semis in years

Rafael Nadal, the fourteen times Grand Slam winner, has qualified for a Grand Slam final since 2014 after beating Milos Raonic.

The Spaniard bat his Canadian opponent 6-4 7-6 (9-7) 6-4. He now faces 15th seed Grigor Dimitrov on Friday.

Nadal seems to have overcome his injuries that are plaguing him in recent years and have prevented him from defending any of his title. 

If all goes well, Nadal may regain his 2009 title by defeating 35 years old roger Federer who plays his semi against fellow countryman Stan Wawrink on Thursday.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

PIA's ATR-42 aircraft crashes with 47 onboard

A Pakistan International's ATR-42 aircraft (inset above) flight PK 661 coming from Chitral to capital Islamabad crashes near Abbottabad this evening with 47 passengers and crew members on board. The plane on crash caught fire. ATR-42 were acquired by PIA to replace its aging Fokker Friendship aircraft and were used for its flights to its northern areas.

So far there no news of any survivors and 36 dead bodies have been recovered. Since the aircraft crashed in a hilly terrain, the rescue operations are taking time due to difficulties of area and night time

Singer turned religious preacher Junaid Jamshed and his wife were also on the ill fated flight beside three foreigners. 
Junaid Jamshed
Stay tuned for news.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Pakistan Army's new Chief takes over

In an inmpressive cceremony, the outgoing army chief of Pakistan Army General Raheel Sharif handed over the command baton to the incoming chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa today in Rawalpindi.

General Qamar Javed Bajwa has the distinction of commanding a brigade in Congo as part of the UN peace keeping mission and also commanded Pakistan's largest corps deployed along Pakistan India border and the line of control dividing the Indian held Kashmir and the Azad Kashmir.

General Qamar Javed Bajwa was earlier heading the training and evaluation branch of the GHQ.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Donald Trump trumps Hilary Clinton to win US Presidential Elections

So it is all over - the speculations, rumors and scandals as Donald Trumpo wins the US presidential elections to become the 45th president of the Unioted States of Ameriaca. 

Much to the surprize of many, the flow of the results was continously tilting in Trumps favour and finally Hillary was trumped. 

Now we will have a US president with experience of holding any government office , but a vast experience as TV star. The 70 yeaqrs old Trump will now rule America for four years - but the major question is would he bring peace to the world or add more fuel and weapons to the war torn Middle East?

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Terror attack perishes 61 in Quetta, Pakistan

Pakistan is the most affected country by the terrorists who are funded by countries surrounding Pakistan. Last night three terrorists managed to enter a police hostel in Quetta, Pakistan and before the security apparatus could mobilize, they had already carried out two suicide attacks killing dozens of police men.

Upon charge by the security forces, the third terrorist was also killed, leaving however 61 dead and over hundred wounded. Those who perished also included an army captain.

Security forces also got freed 250 police cadets kept hostage by the terrorists.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

China and Russia did not support India on its accusation of Pakistan as Terror State at BRICS - a big disappointment for India

The recently concluded 9-member BRICS conference at Goa, India has brought nothing to India, rather it rebuffed Indian Prime Minister's effort to drag in Pakistan and ratify it as a terrorist state by Russian and Chinese leaders.

Indian Express writes:
The Prime Minister proclaimed, in his closing statement at the summit, that BRICS member-states were “agreed that those who nurture, shelter, support and sponsor such forces of violence and terror are as much a threat to us as the terrorists themselves”. The BRICS 109 paragraph summit declaration, however, doesn’t have a single sentence reflecting this purported consensus—not even the words “nurture”, “shelter” or “sponsor”.

Thus the Indian PM Modi has just been delivered an unhappy lesson at the  BRICS summit in Goa: though nine-tenths of geopolitics is about bluff, the critical one-tenth is about knowing when to fold, writes Praveen Swami of Indian Express.

Source | Photo
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Pakistan wins first ever Pink-Ball Test Match

It was a great day at Dubai International Cricket Stadium on Monday, 17 October, when Pakistan won the first ever day-night test match played with a pink ball.

The match was played between Pakistan and the West Indies as part of the three test match series, which Pakistan won by 56 runs. Another laurel of the day was that Pakistan was playing its 400th test match and won it.

Pakistan's Yasir Shah also became the second bowler to earn 100 wickets in 17 test matches. Previously for Pakistan, Saeed Ajmal had completed 100 wickets in 19 test matches.

Although Pakistan scored a mighty 579 in the first innings, it crumbled for mere 123 in the second, much owed to Bishoo's eight wickets. And West Indians seemed to be winning the test match and were mere 56 runs away from victory when their last wicket fell.

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

SAARC Boycott by Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Bhutan No Victory for India

India seems to be celebrating victory after Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Bhutan follow the suit and have boycotted the planned SAARC summit in Pakistan

However, G Pramod Kumar at Huffington Post calls it no victory for India as all three countries are fed by India and they had to follow suit of their master.  The Post writer is of the view that had the other three members, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Maldives also followed the suit, it could have then been a diplomatic victory for India and a reason to rejoice.

Even otherwise SAARC is not a crucial and significant organization is South Asia the boycott of which will have any far fetched implications, adds the writer.The planned summit meeting has however been postponed due to absence of four of its members.

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Indian Army's adventure of Surgical Strikes along Pakistan border flops

It seems that Indian Army and Indian government is hell bent to spoil peace between the two countries as its army tried to create a scene at the control line along the disputed border of Kashmir last night.

The so called surgical attacks, as claimed by Indian general as a revenge for Uri incident was completely foiled and reports say that Indian commandos ran back to their terriory. The rocket and mortar firing resulted in martyrdom of two Pakistani army soldiers.

Terming their violation and firing across the cease fire line as 'surgical strikes' speaks volumes of nativity of Indian army top brass about the very definition of surgical strikes. Even Indian politicians are doubting Indian Army claims of surgical strikes.

However, the incident has further deteriorated the relations between Pakistan and India which are witnessing a downward trend due to concocted and self-made  incidents from Indian side.

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