Sunday, October 23, 2011

Chronology of Gaddafi's Murder

Full Story / Photo: Mail Online 8:19 PM on 22nd October 2011

As the time passes since Gaddafi's un-ceremonious "death" at the hands of the Libyan rebels, more and more is being revealed of the last moments of life of Gaddafi. It is becoming more clearer how the mob around him ill-treated Gaddafi and how he was finally "murdered" at point blank range with a pistol. The cell phone videos are being analysed more closely frame by frame and are much revealing as to how Gaddafi could have died. 

The chronological sequence as built out from one such video clearly shows a man pointing a pistol on his right side of the head and moments later he is dead. More detailed scrutiny of these videos are needed which are likely to conclude that despite Gaddafi's pleading "Do you know what is right or wrong?", he was still killed. It seemed that his captors had clear directions to kill him rather than keeping him alive.

Read the full story for frame by frame chronology of events moments before Gaddafi's death.


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