Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Android Security Concerns Soar with Infected "Angry Birds"

Full Story: Bloomberg Business Week 16 Nov

Google’s Android operating system for mobile devices are reported to have almost sixfold increase in threats such as spyware and viruses since July, according to Juniper Networks Inc. That may increase the perception that Apple devices are safer than smartphones and tablets that run on Android, adds Juniper.

As per the survey by Juniper, most of the growth in Android threats comes from applications, or apps, available from third-party sites not associated with Google’s Android Market, according to data Juniper collected as of Nov. 10. The open nature of the Android system makes it more susceptible to attack.

Android users may be drawn to the sites to find cheaper versions of programs, or because the Android Market isn’t available in some places, such as China. On a third-party site, it’s possible to find an infected “Angry Birds” game uploaded right next to a legitimate one, said Danielle Hamel, a Juniper spokeswoman.

Read full story for more on the subject.


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