Sunday, November 13, 2011

Did prostate cancer kill Egyptian mummies?

Full Story: Pravda 12 November 2011

A rare revelation has come to surface during a research undertaken on three Egyptian mummies in Lisbon's National Archaeological Museum in Belém. The research has revealed the first known case of prostate cancer in an Egyptian mummy. The discovery was made by the three entities participating in the Lisbon Mummy Project - MNA, IMI and Siemens, reports Pravda.

The study was performed using 64-cut multicut CAT-scan and Digital X-Ray technology using Siemens systems at the premises of IMI in Lisbon. The subjects under investigation were two closed sarcophagi from the third to first centuries BC and the ninth to eighth centuries BC and a bound/embalmed Ptolomaic mummy (305 to 30 BC). 


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