Monday, November 14, 2011

Female Bodyguarding on rise in China

Full Story: BBC Europe 14 November 2011

Don't be surprised to know that once male dominated business of bodyguarding is now have females in it too in China. With the wealthy elite increasingly on guard, the business of hiring female bodyguards is also soaring. The firm charges about $300 (£188) a day per female bodyguard (the employees can earn $100 per day), reports BBC.

Successful entrepreneur Wen Cui founded Guodun, a personal security business, to cater to this market. "Having a female bodyguard is a bit like having a sister," says she. "They can watch out for you."

So next time you see some wealthy man with two women by his side, don't mistake them for his secretary and driver. They may prove lethal just in case ...


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