Thursday, November 17, 2011

One in four women is on antidepressants - a rate more than men

Full Story: Huffington Post 

When talking of general health of both the genders, a recent study finds one in four women on antidepressants - a rate more than men.

The study finds:
"Antidepressant use especially is high among women, up 29 percent since 2001, the report showed, and anti-anxiety meds are used by women at almost twice the rate seen among men. In 2010, 11 percent of middle-aged women were on an anti-anxiety medication, while only 5.7 percent of men that age were."
Read full story - a must read for both men and women for improving general and mental health disorders and find answers to questions like:
Why Women are using anti‐anxiety medication at more than twice the rate of men?
Is there any relationship between the increase in female antidepressant use and the increase in anti-anxiety use?
Typically we think of boys being more affected by ADHD, but there's gender shift in the use of ADHD medications in adulthood. What's going on there?
How about the data on women's use of atypical antipsychotics? Why have these numbers grown so much?
What do you think these numbers indicate about our overall relationship with psychiatric medications in this country?
What should doctors and patients take away from this report?
Is there any evidence that these medications are helping women?


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