Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rally Star Guido Falaschi dies in Argentina crash [Video]

Argentine driver Guido Falaschi was killed in a crash at Juan Manuel Fangio track during the final lap of a race in the most popular motor sport competition at a rally car competition at Juan Manuel Fangio track in Balcarce, Argentina. See the video below of the tragic accident:

Fellow race car driver, Guillermo Ortelli, described the crash as a "disaster," reports The Telegraph
"When Guido hit the wall and came to the inside, I managed to avoid him. When I tried to recover so I could go straight, everything was dirty, filled with dirt. The car kind of went off to the side and Guido's car comes back at me and that was when I was hit and after that, well, I felt hits from every side, nobody was braking, nobody was braking. I was left sitting in the car and all of them passed me at full (speed)."
[via Sporty Arena]


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