Monday, November 14, 2011

Suzuki plugs out of MotoGP - may return in 2014

Full Story: BSN 14 November 2011

Suzuki Rizla 2011 MotoGP
Suzuki has informed its Team staff Friday that they would not be required for next season. But there is a little chance for some optimists to find Suzuki back on tracks in 2014 - something long ahead. But for now, there wont be any Suzuki in MotoGP.

As reported by BSN, Suzuki crew chief Tom O'Kane had already jumped ship to sit with Andrea Dovizioso at Tech3. 

Suzuki's departure has happened before too when it quit in early 80s and team manager Garry Taylor carried on with backing from British importer Heron until 1987 when Suzuki re-appeared with a full V-four and his team got back their full factory status. So it is goodbye to Suzuki - and let us wait when it reappears, if it is not 2014.


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