Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Travel Congo: Visit Erupting Volcano

Full Story: Yahoo News 15 Nov
Mount Nyamulagira 6 Nov (Photo Reuters)
The Congo tourism is attracting tourists to visit Mount Nyamulagira that is erupting lava since Nov. 6. "Last night's was the most spectacular yet," spokeswoman of Virunga National Park said Monday . The lava is seen spurting nearly a thousand feet in the air and the site is awesome. The erupting mountain is located 22 km from Goma, a city in east of Congo.

Mount Nyamulagira is located in Virunga National Park which is a haven for the endangered mountain gorillas. Although, rivers of incandescent lava are flowing slowly north into an uninhabited part of the park, the park official claim that the lava flows pose no danger to the critically endangered mountain gorillas.


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