Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Two third of "stay-at-home mothers" in U.K. dislike the word "housewife"

Full Story: AOL Jobs

Photo: Scrubbles.net
It may come as no surprise to know that 2/3rd "stay-at-home" mothers in UK (alone) dislike the word "housewife" and don not liked to be addressed so.

"Housewife" began to fall out of usage in the late 1970s. But in recent years the term has been bandied about again, thanks to those real ones in Orange County, New York, Miami, and Beverly Hills, say the finding of recently concluded study.

We are only in the middle of a 70 or 80 year trend, according the study published this year. Supposedly women and men will be doing an equal share of the work by 2050.

Read full story for more interesting details, specially if you are a Housewife !!


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