Tuesday, December 20, 2011

10 Innovative Clinical Decision Support Programs

Clinical decision support is the brains behind an advanced implementation of electronic health records. EHRs, e-prescribing systems, computerized physician order entry, and medication reconciliation systems all are strengthened by some form of clinical decision support. 

CDS can help physician reach proper diagnoses, ask the right questions, and perform appropriate tests on the front end of the decision-making process--preventing errors of omission--as well as stop errors of commission on the back end, during treatment and procedures.

What provides the smarts behind an advanced implementation of electronic health records? Clinical decision support systems. It may be time to revisit your CDS vendor options.

Here is a list of 10 innovative CDC programs:

  1. Archimedes Model
  2. Autonomy Healthcare
  3. DiagnosisOne
  4. DXplain
  5. Elsevier
  6. Isabel Healthcare
  7. PKC
  8. Thomson Reuters Micromedex
  9. Wolters Kluwer Health
  10. Zynx Health
For details on each above, read Information Week


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