Wednesday, December 21, 2011

10 weeks - 24 hours a day in a tilted bed: Only a Mother could do

[ via Mail Online ] 20 Dec

After suffering two miscarriages Donna Kelly was desperately worried that her next pregnancy would end the same way. And when doctors told her five months into the pregnancy that she was at high risk of losing another baby, she readily agreed to their radical solution.

Something only a mother could do - Kelly in her tilted bed (Photo: Sam Furlong / SWNS)
For ten weeks, 24 hours a day, she lay 'upside down' in a hospital bed until she gave birth to a healthy daughter, Amelia.

Ultrasound scans had shown that damage to the neck of her womb, or cervix, meant the baby had dropped too far down. To alter the force of gravity on her cervix, the 29-year-old lay in a bed tilted at a 45 degree angle with her feet pointing upwards.

Read more and see the photo of Kelly and Amelia for whom Kelly underwent this unique medical solution specific to her case 


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