Thursday, December 15, 2011

24,000 diabetes deaths a year 'could be avoided'

[ via BBC News / Health ] 14 Dec

Up to 24,000 diabetes-related deaths could be avoided in England each year, if patients and doctors better managed the condition, a report concludes.
The first-ever audit of patient deaths from the condition said basic health checks, a good diet and regular medication could prevent most of them.
Around 70-75,000 diabetic patients die every year. The study estimated that a third of them were dying from causes that could be avoided if their condition were better managed.

It may be added that patients with Type 1 have a risk of dying 2.6 times higher than it is for the general population. With Type 2, the risk is 1.6 times higher.

Read full story for more details - it is for your health.
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