Thursday, December 22, 2011

5 Biggest Mobile Stories Of 2011

2011 was another crazy year in the mobile industry. The industry was rife with action, growth, progress, conflict, winners, and losers. We saw the birth of the Android tablet; the rebirth of the Android, iOS, and Windows Phone platforms; the death of webOS-based phones and tablets; the failed AT&T-T-Mobile merger; and all sorts of industry records for apps, downloads, sales, and much, much more.
Boiling an entire year's worth of industry events into a single post doesn't do justice to the accomplishments contributed by all of the people involved, but there were five stories that stood above the rest in scale and importance to the industry. Here they are.

  1. Android domination
  2. AT&T/T-Mobile merger
  3. Good tablets, bad tablets, ugly tablets
  4. Four-G fight
  5. iPhone 5
For details on each, read  Information Week


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