Monday, December 26, 2011

5 Tips to Get Started using Your Android Device

[ via Chip Hazard ]

While there is an outcry for Apple - not because it is the best in the market, but just because of Steve Jobs, whose death made Apple to thrive, even when it came up with nothing new after iPhone 4, only adding a S with it.
But despite the hype, there is a large section of buyers still opting for the non-Apple stuff and is quite comfortable with it. This post is for these Android lovers to get started. 
Here are five basic tips to start your “Android” journey irrespective of the hardware manufacturer.
1. Get a Google account (if you don’t have one) as this account will be used as your login for Blogger, Gmail, Google Docs, Google Maps, in-short anything that is developed by Google (or has been acquired by Google). This will make your life a way much easier (if you decide to use Google services) to synchronize data between your PC and your smartphone.

2. Like Apple, Android also has an App store that can be used to download numerous applications for your convenience and games for your leisure time. The biggest hub of all this stuff is Google’s official Android Market where you can find numerous apps developed by not only from Google but also from third party developers. All apps are tested and verified so that your smartphone doesn’t get infected by malwares.
3. From Facebook to Twitter, there is an Android version of almost every social networking site out there that you can think of. So with Android, keeping yourself on top in your social circles is a piece of cake.
4. For music lovers, Google has a special treat for you: Google Music. It not only lets you to purchase thousands of high quality soundtracks for pretty low prices, it also synchronizes your music purchases and music library to the cloud for streaming.
5. Talking to your friends, colleagues, or relatives (some of them must own an Android-based smartphone) about your new Android phone is a great way to learn new stuff, so take some time and sit with someone to have a talk.


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