Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Alien 'White Kiwi'

[ via Mail Online ] 27 Dec

Just yesterday, I shared a news about 'white strawberries' - I did not know then that there is more white in the store too till now when I hit this story about 'white kiwi chic.' This rare 'alien' Kiwi chick seems to be betraying its 'All Black' heritage - because his feathers are snow white. 

The alien white Kiwi (Photo: Mike Heydon/Solent)

The flightless bird's unusual colouring gave keepers at Pukaha Mount Bruce Wildlife Centre, New Zealand, a white Christmas when it hatched in their nursery.

Both of its parents are believed to have carried a rare and recessive white gene which caused his pure white feathers.

Read more: Mail Online


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