Thursday, December 22, 2011

Apple’s MobileMe Phishing Scam: Security Threat Via Email Spreading

[ via Chip Hazard ] 21 Dec

Looks like social engineers are all set to say “Merry Christmas”. According to latest reports, Apple’s MobileMe has been the latest victim of their phishing attacks.
The trick they (scammers, social engineers, whatever you want to call them) have chosen is quite old in the book. They send an email, trick you into revealing your login credentials, and hope you will fall for it. Though the trick seems somewhat hilarious, it works quite well then you can imagine. 

The worse part of the trick is that no amount of security (firewalls, anti-virus software, etc) can save you as the success or failure of the scam depends on you. Perhaps it is better to say that you are the weakest link in the security chain; if you fall, the whole security system proves worthless.
Read more at Chip Hazard


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