Saturday, December 17, 2011

Beware!! Dithering can lead to Lifelong Misery

[ via Mail Online ] 17 Dec

If you spend hours deliberating over something as trivial as a new jumper, then beware.

Scientists say that makes you a ‘maximiser’ – and it could lead to a lifetime of misery.

A study has revealed two different types of decision-makers; 'maximisers' who obsess over every choice before and after making one while 'satisficers' who are content with whatever decision they make. Maximisers even get nervous at the sight of a 'final reductions' sign during the Christmas sales, as they feel they're being forced into commitment.

According to scientists in the U.S., maximisers' indecisiveness when it comes to making choices means they can never enjoy the 'psychological benefits' of commitment and cause themselves 'a lot of grief'.

Read full story for details - it may help you if you happen to be a Maximiser.


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