Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Deaths that made Imposing Headlines in Year 2011

Every year there are many who leave this for their final abode up in the heaves - but it is only few , whose death make imposing headlines all across the world. These may even include criminals,  besides the notoriety and the celebrities.

Year 2011 was no different than the previous year. Here in under is a list of all those who mattered in any capacity, who either died their natural deaths or otherwise. 

The readers may differ on the list or may have more to add to, which thy may do so by adding these in their comments at the end of the post. 

Kim Jong-Il: North Korean leader Kim died at 69 on 18 December. He was not liked by the West for his policies and stance towards the South Korea. His death made many seasoned politicians to make derogatory remarks, while his countrymen sobbed and wept.

Joe Frazier: Joe was synonymous with Ali. Former boxing Heavyweight Champion, the Smokin' Joe won 27 out of 32 fights of his career. He lost only four times, twice to George Foreman and twice to Muhammad Ali. Battling with cancer, he departed on 7 Nov at the age of 67.

Steve Jobs: The Apple co-founder was dying slowly from cancer for quite sometime. But till his dying day, he did not give up and was continuously in pursuit of new innovations and inventions.As per many surveys, his death searches on internet surpassed anyone else during 2011. He was 56 on October 5, when he passed away.

Moammar Gaddafi: Libya's strong man and president, who practiced an orthodox form of government coined by him. The uprising in Libya, secretly supported by 'outside' forces and openly backed by the NATO was brutally murdered in cold blood when he was caught by the anti-government armed men.He was killed on October 20.

Amy Winehouse: A very young, talented U.K. pop star was found dead Saturday in her London home. The cause of death has not been released, but she was only 27 years old when she died on 23 July.

Betty Ford: Wife of former US president Gerald Ford, Betty was known for founding the "Betty Ford Clinic" famous for its rehabilitation facilities. She died died at the age of 93 on July 8.

Peter Falk: For TV viewers, the shabbily dressed character of detective series "Colombo" will always remind of man inside the attire - Peter Falk. Peter Falk has been suffering from dementia and Alzheimer's disease for awhile.He died at the age of 83.

Osama Bin Laden: His death news spread like never before. He was a controversial figure and was the most wanted since 911 incident. His death in a raid out on his safe house in Abbottabad, Pakistan on night 1-2 May 2011 in very mysterious operation by US Seals remains questionable, specially the way his 'quiet' burial took place aboard a US warship, leaving no photographs or videos.

Randall Mario Poffo: Known the wrestling world as the 'Macho Man' or Randy Savage, he died in a car accident after suffering a heart attack while driving in Florida on 20 May. Randy Savage was popular for over twenty years on the WWE, WCW and TNA wrestling programs, He was champion over twenty times in multiple wrestling circuits and programs. He was also famous for his ring attire and his legendary catchphrase, “Ohhhh Yeahhh.”

Elizabeth Taylor: Movie legend Elizabeth Taylor passed away of congestive heart failure on 23 March. She was 79. She was one of the most famous actress of the silver creen. Her role in 20th Century Fox's "Cleopatra," was mesmerizing. She won two Academy Awards for Best Actress. She was married eight times to seven husbands. Her many times husband Richard Burton himself was a legendary actor. In her later years, she devoted much of her time to AIDS research and created the National AIDS Research Foundation in Los Angeles.

Jane Russel: Hollywood pin-up of 1940s and 50s. Co-star of Marilyn Monroe in "Gentleman Prefer Blondes." She died of respiratory difficulties from a bad cold on 28 February.

Anne FrancisBest known for her roles in the 1950s science-fiction film "Forbidden Planet" and the 1960s television series “Honey West,” died on complications from pancreatic cancer on 3 January. She was 80.


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