Monday, December 26, 2011

Father video taped his children for 25 Christmases to preserve their growing up

[ via Mail Online ] 25 Dec

Children are prized possession of their parents. Each parent has its own way of preserving the loving memories of their children growing up.
But not like father of Nick Confalone - who for 25 years filmed his two siblings coming down from the stairs every Christmas. Nick has recently edited all videos of the past 25 years and converted these into a sort of fast forward of 25 years just in 2 minutes and 43 seconds.

Someone in an e-mail notified this video on YouTube and am sharing this unique video for my readership:
I wish I had a camera too when my children were young and had made videos each year as the grew - if you have, start making videos of your children. May be one day one of your children compiles a shoot-out like the one above.


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