Wednesday, December 28, 2011

FROM TIGER WOODS TO THE ECB: Here Are My Fearless Predictions For 2012

[ via Business Insider ] 27 Dec

Significant economic and political changes will make 2012 a historical year, says Bruce Krasting at Business Insider. 

The globe has experienced relative calm for the past 24 months. That stability won't last much longer. Events that are not on anyone's radar screen will matter the most. The following are the things that I think might happen, but it's the surprises that worry me:
  • Silas Kiplagat will win the 1500-meter race at the Summer Olympics in London. The time will be 3:33:22.
  • Green Bay will beat Denver in the Super Bowl. (Millions of Christians will be disappointed).
  • Obama will drop Joe Biden from the ticket. Obama will want a Veep that has a chance to be a viable presidential candidate. He will chose Hilary Clinton.
  • The Kepler spacecraft will identify a planet that has the capacity to sustain life (the ultimate safe haven). 
  • Iraq will fall into sectarian violence. 
  • Brent crude prices will swing between a low of $80 and a high of $155.
  • The Euro will range from a high of 1.4 to a low of 1.15. The low for the year will occur in November.
  • As the US's presence in Afghanistan winds down, the Taliban will retake the country. The chaotic US exit will be compared with the end of the Vietnam war.
  • Tiger Woods will win a major.  
  • The summer of 2012 will bring the largest polar ice melt in history. The Mayan calendar will end with no consequence.

But do you think the list ends? No, in fact it is quite long and I have shared just a few 'predictions' for 2012. Read full story at Business Insider for more juicy details.


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