Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hitachi Enhances Private Cloud Storage Gateway

[ via Information Week ] 14 Dec

Hitachi Data Systems announced on Wednesday that it has added new capabilities to its Hitachi Data Ingestor private cloud gateway that lets customers share data among themselves, migrated data between NAS devices and file servers to the Hitachi Content Platform, and restore previously deleted files.

The enhanced ability will allow multiple appliances to read data from a single namespace located on a centrally located Hitachi Content Platform box. 

This capability will allow customers to share content over a distributed IT or cloud environment. In an implementation of this capability, a customer could update price lists and distribute them to users by writing them to the file system of a Hitachi Data Ingestor in one location. 

The files are then migrated to the Hitachi Content Platform in another location, where they retrieved by other Hitachi Data Ingestors and read by users in other locations.

Read full story for details.

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