Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How to extend your smartphone’s battery life

[ via Yahoo News ] 20 Dec

No matter what type of smartphone you have, it works well as long as you have battery power. If it seems like smarter phones are getting less life out of their batteries... you're absolutely right. Smartphones can help you get a lot done while traveling, but if you're doing a lot on one in a day, you're apt to see your screen go dark long before the sun goes down.

Watching out for a few small things during your day, however, can help extend battery life on your trusty device and make sure you've got enough juice to make it all day and well into the night. Here are some tips:

  • Mixed signals
  • Focus on the task at hand
  • Bright future
  • Bad vibrations
  • Mandatory nap time
Still having trouble?  Read more at Yahoo News and for details on tips listed above. 


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