Wednesday, December 28, 2011

'I'm more likely to be hit by a car than die on duty' - Don't Ever Predict your Death

[ via Daily Mail  ] 27 Dec

Awhile ago, in of my blogs, The Fire Within, I shared a story of a 11 years old boy (below left) who penned down his thought of how he was going to die in car accident. And his death came exactly as he had 'seen.'

The two above talked of their deaths and it came the same way
Today, I came across this post of a young British army soldier (above right) whose mother was worried of him going to Afghanistan in coming March. Edward Heal, a 19-year-old trooper in the Kings Royal Hussars and tank gunner, assured his worried mother of 50 that he would rather be killed by a car than dying in Afghanistan.

Edward went out for a drink on Christmas Eve with his stepbrother Sam, 24, at the Bristol pub in Clevedon, Somerset. When coming out, he was hit by the Mazda in Kenn Road, Clevedon at 1.15am on Christmas Day. He was declared dead at the scene.

Read full story at: Daily Mail


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