Friday, December 23, 2011

Missing Presumed Dead Indonesian Girl in 2004 Tsunami comes home

[ via BBC News Asia ] 23 Dec

Today is the day of posting miracle news. Few hours back I shared a post about a young man who was in coma and doctors, who had lost all hopes of his coming back to life, were about to take off his machined life line, when he suddenly opened eyes and came back to life. For his overjoyed mother, it was the best Christmas gift she could ever imagine.

Just now, I came across another miraculous news of a little Indonesian girl who was thought to have perished in the 2004 tsunami that struck Indonesia and other parts of Asia. And quite naturally, her family had lost all hopes of her ever "coming back." But miracle do happen, which brought her home.
Tsunami victim Meri Yulanda comes home after seven years (Photo: AP)
Meri Yulanda, was washed away in the powerful waves, but was saved by a woman, who took her home and then forced her into begging forcibly. However, she was let free last week and Meri walked into a cafe in Meulaboh, Aceh, remembering only the name of her grandfather, Ibrahim. When she made a mention of the name, someone at the cafe knew a man by that name.

And that is how she was reunited after seven years with her family.
Read the remaining details at BBC News Asia


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