Saturday, December 10, 2011

Shocking Kid's Products of 2011

[ Huffington Post ] 10 Dec

Year 2012 is just around the corner now. And it is good time to take a review of 2011 which had lot of good and bad news throughout its stay with us.

Talking specifically of children, there was a crop of new children's products that left us less warm and fuzzy. We had some shocking products for kids like child-sized crotchless panties. Herein under is a list of these shocking panties and other 10 more items we just weren't buying in 2011.

Mobile Learning Tablet For Infants
'I'm Too Pretty To Do Homework' T-Shirt
The Sweet-Talkin' Ken Doll
AAP Says No To Crib Bumpers
'Smart Like Dad,' 'Pretty Like Mommy' Onesies
Toy Keys Recalled
Forever 21 'Allergic To Algebra' Tee
Johnson & Johnson Toxic Baby Shampoo
Toy Trucks Recalled
'I Heart Rich Boys' Kmart Thong
'Kids N Teen' Store Crotchless Panties
For details on these products, read full story HERE.


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