Thursday, December 15, 2011

Steve Jobs Tricked Young Wozniak Into An Atari Game Scam

[ via Chip Hazard ] 14 Dec
Ever since the biography of Steve jobs by Walter Isaacson released, many aspects of Jobs life have been revealed and in the latest development, it’s discovered that Steve Jobs always wanted to be at the top and always wanted to take all the glory.

Today in documentay about Steve Jobs entitled “ Steve Jobs: Billion Dollar Hippy ” , Steve Wozniak seemed pretty hurt by Jobs action and said that if Jobs would have only said that he needed the money, I would have happily agree with him and then he could take the share all he wanted.
Woz also talked to Radio 4 this morning about the documentary regarding Jobs, and said: 
I just wanted to be in engineering only – I never wanted to run a company, never wanted to run things, step on other people – Steve very clearly did, and wanted to be a top executive and a really important thinker in the world…. Apple does a lot of conservative [things] – we control things – and has very little tolerance…Even if an engineer told a friend something and it got out… you’re fired!

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