Friday, December 2, 2011

Suffering from Acute Acne? Read this Post lest you regret for not doing so !!

 This post is being shared for creating awareness about health issues and their antidotes 

[via Mail Online ] 2 Dec

Acne is a problem and nuisance for most of the teens as they are growing. Acne is not only disturbing, spotting, painful but also "a keep away notice board." While it is normal to have some acne, a few teens suffer from enormous acne as seen in the photo below.

What can be done? Should we feel disgusted and leave ourselves to this irritating and annoying disease. While some lose heart, 19-years old Cassandra Bankson did not and kept trying various methods to cure or hide her acute acne - until she became this:

Watch the video below - and see how she overcame the problem. Don't say after watching the video that you have tried everything. Nothing more will convince you


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