Saturday, December 31, 2011

Why 2012 will be one of the 'Most Exciting And Transformative Years For Markets Ever'

[ via Business Insider ] 30 Dec
As 2011 comes to a close, the financial world waits and watches the EuroCrisis, hoping for an immediate and miraculous solution that seems increasingly unlikely to come.   
In fact, as early as the second week of January, the economic world could get a “gut check” of where the crisis “stands," when bond auctions in Italy and Spain test the world’s belief that the recently debated Euro-pact will, indeed, stem the crisis. Sound money, however, bets that, regardless of external pressures and internal resolve to contain the crisis – whether through QE, the shoring up of bank reserves, or severe austerity measures - the EuroCrisis will continue unabated, diving Europe into an even deeper, more destructive recession in 2012.
Now, a look at China: as much as the markets bestowed the title of “Unassailable Giant” in 2011 (and for most of the past decade), the “Great Asian Miracle” is also set to hit distress in 2012.

Here’s why: Read the answer at Business Insider


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