Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Why is the Windows Phone Failing?

[ via Business Insider ] 27 Dec

A former GM who used to work on Windows Phone 7 for Microsoft, Charlie Kindel, took to his personal blog today with some thoughts on why Microsoft's mobile efforts seem so stagnant.

According to Kindel, Android is crushing iOS and Windows Phone 7 when it comes to market-share simply because its open platform allows manufacturers and carriers to get away with whatever they want, while cranking out dozens of devices a year.

Here's Kindel:
Google has been wildly successful with Android (at least in terms of units) because Android was built to reduce friction between all sides of the market. It ‘bows down’ to the device manufactures AND the carriers. It enabled device manufactures to do what they do best (build lots of devices). It enabled carriers to do what they do best (market lots of devices). It enabled users tons of choice. My hypothesis is that it also enables too much fragmentation that will eventually drive end users nuts.

Read more: Business Insider


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