Thursday, January 5, 2012

After Britain Gales, it is Germany and Belgium to be hit by Hurricane Andrea

Yesterday Imposing Headlines reported about the gusty gales that battered Britain and took a heavy toll of trees and sign boards. The gales were so strong that even a water fall was seen having its water blown up.

But now the weather is geting more roublesome for the rest of the Europe too. As reported by DeMorgen, a new super storm is likey to hit Germany today with the force of a hurricane: Andrea has mainly targeted on Germany, but also to our alarm beaten coast. Moreover danger in much of Europe flooding. Countries in the Alpe take them back to the breath for a real snowstorm.

Experts fear that Hurricane Andrea can be as bad as Kyrill, the hurricane that Germany five years ago collapsed into chaos. 

Andrea may cause flooding in Belgium. After midnight and today morning the super storm Andrea will plague Belgium. On the coast, it KMI expects gusts up to 105 km / h. In the north of the country's 100 km / h and in the center to 95 km / h and peak gusts possible. Moreover, many rainfall: up to 25 mm of rain between midnight and Thursday. This can cause local flooding. 

Read more:  DeMorgen  (you will have to translate as the site is in Dutch)
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