Sunday, January 8, 2012

Famous Brands that may bid farewell in 2012 [Prediction ]

Competitive business is very cruel and pushing. When I was a child, we heard names like Pan Am, BOAC, Esso and likes - words no one even remembers today. Big giants vanish the market scene leaving no traces behind except in the archives. The battle of fittest and new alignments and arrangements continue in the corporate world. New names emerge while older one fade away.

Some of the probable good byes in 2012

Jim Edwards reports at Business Insider that the Wall Street Journal reported Kodak will file for bankruptcy while James R. Gregory, CEO of branding and market research firm CoreBrand, predicted that Kodak would "disappear" as a brand in 2012. Now Kodak is also a name that I heard since my childhood and its disappearance like Pan Am will take away yet another name from memory chip forever.

With these news the market scene for 2012 is unveiling - but this is yet the tip of the iceberg of predictions for the new year. There is lot more being predicted for 2012.

Read / watch the slide show for more predictions for 2012 at: Business Insider

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