Thursday, January 5, 2012

Flying trampoline brings down power cable and kills dog in 100mph gales as Britain braces for fresh storms

[ via Daily Mail ] 5 Jan

Just yesterday, Imposing Headlines had reported the damage due to recent fast gales that hit Britain. The gales were so strong that the water of a water fall was seen being blown upwards.

Now as the gales continue to batter the country, a dog has been reported killed in a bizarre accident during 100mph winds after a trampoline was blown into a power line, knocking it down and plunging it into a waterlogged back yard.

Gust lifted this trampoline from a garden two doors down and onto neighbour's roof
Rosie, a Border Collie, was in Dick Pritchard's back yard in Boderdern, near Holyhead, when she was electrocuted.

The father-of-two said that a gust lifted the trampoline from a garden two doors down and onto his neighbour's roof. The trampoline became entangled in the power line and a man from next door climbed up to lower it from the cable and chimney despite Mr Pritchard's warnings that it could be live. Fortunately the neighbour was unharmed.

Mr Pritchard then took his sons, Aron, 15 and Iwan, nine, to school but when he returned he let the family pet out and she stood in a puddle.

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