Sunday, January 1, 2012

Google Nails 2011: Portrait of a Banner Year

[ via Mashable ] 31 Dec

It has proven to be a monumental banner year for Google. It’s hard to believe that one year ago, things such as Google+ and the now all-familiar +1 button were nonexistent. The company has come far from being just a search engine. 
For some, it is an office suite, email service, music player, social network, and much, much more. We’re not exaggerating when we write “Google Nails 2011,” writes  at Mashable.

This year, Google underwent some major changes, both internally and externally. Some old faces returned, such as current CEO Larry Page, and some interfaces went away, as we saw when the new Gmail appeared. The company acquired dozens of startups, made some significant environmentally-friendly investments and faced a couple of antitrust issues.

Read full story at  Mashable  for a month by month 'Nailing by Google' during 2011.


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