Thursday, January 5, 2012

Guess Which Country Has The Best Paid Politicians In Europe

[ via Business Insider ] 4 Jan

Europe as of day is plunged into unfathomable monetary and fiscal crises. People are out there on the streets to protest against the 1% who have made their lives miserable and unlivable.

Can you rearrange these flags according to highest to lowest salary scale?
But many wouldn't know how much their politicians are being paid from the taxes that are collected form them. Business Insider has published an interesting survey of almost all European countries and rated the salaries of their politicians and members parliament.

The resulting study reveals the base salaries that each EU country's politicians earned along with a look at the perks and expenses that politicians can also claim as part of their living.

View the slide show here and know the politicians of which country rank the highest in take home salary scale - you will be surprised.

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