Monday, January 2, 2012

Hackers Get iOS Apps Running On Apple TV At Full 720p Resolution

[ via Chip Hazard ] 1 Jan

Looks like it’s all work and no play for iOS developers Steven Toroughten-Smith and TheMudkip, as they have worked round the clock without celebrating the new year to successfully hack the 2nd generation Apple TV to run iOS apps at full resolution.
After getting Siri to work on older models, these developers started working on bringing compatibility for iOS apps on Apple TV and after successfully making it possible they now achieved to run the apps at full 720p resolution. 
Credit: Steve Troughton-Smith
A video was also released which showed the developers running the apps via custom springboard. However the compatibilty is still not official for public use at this time. At the time this hack serves only as a concept and it’s quite possible that such a hack would release in public which would definitely encourage Apple to make TV specific apps.

As Troughten points out, just like the treatment unofficial iPhone apps got back in 2007 which then made Apple to make an app store, same wold be the treatment expected with the current endeavor for Apple TV.


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