Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kodak Sues Apple and HTC Over Digital Imaging Technology Patent

For the past many months the world is sick and tired of listening to news of Apple launching lawsuits against company X, then company Y and even company Z for copyright infringement and design similarities. 

But this tile here is something different - someone suing Apple - something for a taste of change. Kodak has taken courage and has recently sued Apple and even HTC over Diigital Imaging Technology patent.

 Wall Street Journal reports :-
The 131-year-old company is still making last-ditch efforts to sell off some of its patent portfolio and could avoid Chapter 11 if it succeeds, one of the people said.
But the company has started making preparations for a filing in case those efforts fail, including talking to banks about some $1 billion in financing to keep it afloat during bankruptcy proceedings, the people said.

Now this is to be seen how Apple counters Kodak move and who is the ultimate winner in the end. We are keeping our fingers crossed. 

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