Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rani Kot Fort - the missed out wonder of the world

Great Wall of China (left) - Ranikot Fort Pakistan (right)

The mention of seven wonders of world abounds all search engines as these have been there for quite a long without ever being updated. But if one goes around the world, one would find amazing places obscured by the unreachable tracts or hidden in the history books, being baked under the scorching sun and withering away by the fast blowing whistling winds of the deserts. 

Almost similar to the Great Wall of China, there lies a unique fort in the desolate deserts of the Sind province of Pakistan that qualifies itself for an addition into the list of the wonders of the world.

Located out in nowhere in the Lakki mountain of the Kirthar Mountain Ranges, some 30 kilometres southwest of Sann in the Jamshoro district, there lies the Ranikot Fort. Spread over an area of 26 kilometers in circumference with fortification walls of approximately 35 kilometers in length, no one is really very sure why and how this fort was built as apparently it does not seem to be defending anything.

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