Sunday, January 1, 2012

RightMinds's predictions for 2012

[ via Mail Online

As we enter in year 2012, there have been many speculations made for this year earlier in the last days of 2011. Here is an interesting 'forecast' of how many see 2012 in the political plain of Europe.

Herein under are just some excerpts:
"In political terms, 2012 is all about women. David Cameron is desperate to win back the affections of 'let down ladies' who, as guardians of family budgets, part-time workers and far more likely to be working in the public sector, are feeling the brunt of austerity measures," predicts JAMES CHAPMAN, Daily Mail Political Editor

DOMINIQUE JACKSON talking of Social Media says:"Social Media, or the open web as I prefer to call it, will become more and more prevalent and increasingly important – whether in news breaking, news gathering, riot-organising or in new, communal forms of entertainment."

DONAL BLANEY, Young Britons Foundation on EU predicts:"The New Year will finally see the economic slaughter by the markets of the EU states known by the charming acronym of PIGS. Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain (and maybe Ireland) will cease to remain members of the Eurozone as Germany's Chancellor fails to do what needs to be done."

Read Mail Online fro more interesting predictions and even more details on above. 


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