Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Titanic Disaster Revisited: 'My husband gave me his life jacket as he could not swim' and jumped with me in water - and drowned

The following story may remind many of the last moments of the sinking the ship in the movie 'Titanic':

A Costa Concordia survivor has told how her husband saved her life before drowning - because there was 'nobody there' to save him.

Frenchwoman Nicole Servel, 61, said Francis Servel, 71, gave her his lifejacket before they leapt off the sinking cruise ship. 'He shouted: "Jump, jump, jump". I can't swim so he gave me his life jacket.

I jumped off and the last thing I heard him say was that I would be fine. Then I never saw him again.

She said: 'I owe my life to my husband – it’s obvious he saved me.' She managed to swim for shore, while Mr Servel was swept underwater and drowned.

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