Thursday, January 5, 2012

PayPal 'Forced' eBay Buyer to Destroy Antique Violin

[ via Huffington Post ] 5 Jan

An eBayer endured a “heartbreaking” experience after claiming PayPal made a buyer destroy her $2,500 violin because it was deemed “counterfeit”.
The owner, named only as Erica, made the sale to a buyer in Canada, who requested a refund, having disputed the authenticity label.
According to Erica: “This is not uncommon. In the violin market, labels often mean little and there is often disagreement over them. Some of the most expensive violins in the world have disputed labels, but they are works of art nonetheless.”

In order to get his money back, Erica claims the buyer was ordered by PayPal to destroy the instrument – which bore the label -Bourguignon Maurice - and send a photograph as proof.

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