Sunday, February 5, 2012

Freezing Europe in Videos

Europe is freezing - that's what everyone is saying. YouTube has countless videos uploaded with footage of heavy snow never seen before. Here are some:

Frozen Croatia

Frozen Black Sea as seen in  Odessa, Ukraine

Today, February 1, in Arcadia, a beautiful sight! The Black Sea coast from severe frost froze, and the constants of strong northerly winds. Piers are covered with ice, people feed the seagulls with bread, the parents bring their children to have fun on the sea, there are photographers that shoot, and walruses will soon be no place to bathe ...) People who do not sit at home, take your family, friends, and second halves and go to the sea, You will not regret it, when it yourself! )) Just be careful, piers is very slippery, do not fall into the icy water! - writes Max Samoluk who uploaded this video on YouTube.


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