Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Guess the size of the 'All the World's Gold Cube' and its prize

Gold has always fascinated man since earliest of the timeline and there has been a 'Gold Rush' since then to amass as much as possible. Now that much of the world's gold reserve has been in man's possession, can you make a guess how big would be a cube of gold if all the world's gold is collected to make one?

Business Insider has a possible answer. In its one of the latest post, Warren Buffett is of the opinion that the Gold Cube would be about 68-feet per side. This is four feet shorter (and considerably wider) than a tennis court. As Buffett observes, it would fit comfortably in the middle of a baseball infield.

And its price: Approximately $ 10 Trillion.

Read more: Business Insider


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