Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Pakistan cannot make crucial decisions based on one phone call": Says Pak envoy to USA

In her first major public appearance since becoming Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US, Sherry Rehman told a packed audience at the US Institute of Peace that “Pakistan can no longer make crucial strategic decisions based on one phone call.”

In her opening remarks, Ambassador Rehman said, “Pakistan has no shortage of commitment on the effort against extremism, militancy or terrorism today.” Saying it was impossible to open all fronts at one time given the current conflict in Afghanistan, and dubbed it a capacity issue and a sequencing challenge, the Ambassador added, “We often feel we are fighting this long battle with one hand tied behind our backs.”

It may be added that Sherry Rehman was referring to the famous phone call, "Are you with us or not"  made by US President Bush to Pakistan's counterpart General Musharraf when embarking upon the War on Terror almost a decade ago
Read details: The Express tribune


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