Wednesday, February 1, 2012

South Pole comes to Britain

November 2011 was the warmest November the British came across in last three centuries. Then they had gales gushing at monstrous speeds of over 100 kmph that even pulled away the water of waterfalls up in the air. But that was not the end of the worst weather they had experienced so far. They did not know that they will also have colder winters - with temperatures even lower than the South Pole.

Snow coverd countryside in Wales [ Photo: Phll Rees ]

The coldest winters are around now with temperature forecast as low as -8c.

The McMurdo research facility in Antarctica is currently recording -6c (21f) at night. The bitter cold has forced some countries to deploy their armed forces and set up emergency accommodation.

Read more / watch video and many more photos of severely hit Britain: Mail Online


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