Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Britain on Fire

Remember gales that hit Britain in January earlier this year keeping everyone shivering in cold? But just three months ahead, the rising temperatures have nullified the cold the Brits saw. Now it is fire and smoke that has engulfed many areas in Britain due to severe drought and rising temperatures.

Soaring temperatures and 'tinder box-dry' conditions spark wildfires across countryside as drought spreads. Flames and billowing smoke rise from what looks like a battlefield and paint the night sky.

The devastation comes as the Environment Agency today declared more areas as being officially in drought, following another dry month which has hit rivers and groundwater supplies.

In Newport, South Wales, flames raged across 15 acres of scrubland, coming just yards from homes. Terrified residents were forced to use garden  hose pipes to keep away the blaze, which at times licked their properties.

Read more / see photos and watch video: Mail Online 


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