Monday, March 5, 2012

New York Times harshly criticize the NYPD's Muslim surveillance program

The New York Times harshly criticized the NYPD's Muslim surveillance program in a Sunday editorial, while taking particular aim at Mayor Michael Bloomberg for his full-throated defense of the department amid concerns about violations of civil liberties.
Bloomberg, the Times editorial board wrote, "has reacted in the worst possible way -- with disdain -- to those raising legitimate questions about the surveillance program."
The Associated Press has been reporting on the NYPD's secret Muslim surveillance program since August, revealing a post-9/11 strategy for combating terrorism that included blanket surveillance of where Muslims eat, shop and pray. In more than three dozen articles, the AP's knocked down early claims by the NYPD and Bloomberg that officers were only following legitimate leads of possible criminal activity. The surveillance, according to primary documents obtained by the AP, was far more widespread than initially suggested.

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