Friday, April 13, 2012

NOOK: E Ink With GlowLight

E Ink readers like the Kindle and the NOOK are great for reading in the sunshine, but when it gets dark out, you face a problem: You either have to attach a flashlight to the device or turn on a light in your home.
Nook with GlowLight (L) - Nook Simple version without GlowLight (R)
With its newest NOOK Simple Touch, which comes with an embedded technology called GlowLight, Barnes & Noble thinks it has eliminated that problem forever.
Announced on Thursday afternoon, the new device becomes the first E Ink reader whose screen is also backlit. Barnes & Noble representatives say that the new screen illumination technology, which can be toggled on and off, makes its new NOOK Simple Touch the only device with a screen that is really readable both in direct sunlight as well as in the dark.

Now, at a price point of $139, you're rubbing up against full-fledged tablet territory, and the NOOK Simple Touch is but a single-function e-reader without any apps or real web access. 
Read details: Huffington Post


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