Monday, May 28, 2012

NATO GLOC: Panetta says US will not be price ‘gouged’

Amidst seemingly deadlocked negotiations between the US and Pakistan over NATO supply routes or the GLOC (Ground Lines of Communication) as these have been called recently, US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta vowed on Sunday not to let Washington be ‘gouged’ by Islamabad on the price it charges for overland deliveries of American military supplies to Afghanistan.

The statement which is likely to further incense Pakistani officials follows months of gingerly steps by the US to make up with Islamabad. Pakistan had closed the land route to Nato supplies in November as punishment for the Nato air strike in Mohmand Agency that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers.

US defence officials have said the Pakistanis are demanding several thousand dollars for every truck crossing its border with the supplies, up from $250 per truck before the closure.

Read details: The Express Tribune


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