Friday, May 18, 2012

The NATO summit template for policing the 'other Chicago'

Chicago is bracing itself for the upcoming summit of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) this weekend. An unprecedented convergence of summit delegates and their entourages, protesters, and police, is meeting in the third largest city in the United States – the first time in the United States that a city other than Washington, DC will host a NATO event.

Beginning last fall, the crack down on the Occupy movement in Chicago has resulted into arrest of 300 people participating in successive attempts to establish an Occupy camp.
Due to arising poverty, Chicago has become the youth murder capital of the United States. More than 530 young people have been killed since 2008 – nearly 80% of them living in the 22 neighborhoods that comprise the majority of blacks and Latinos living in the city.

Read more: The Guardian


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